s iBird School

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and in the fraternity of schooling it is now the proved fact that the preschool has a vital impact during the child's early developmental stages. It has been accepted globally that 70 % of Child's development takes place in first five years of age.

Preschool education provides the first interaction of child in an environment designed for his/her comprehensive development through experience & by imitation.

iBird refer to independent Birds. In early childhood stages, children knows no boundaries, they want to fly independently. We strongly commit that iBird Pre School is the only right place where Child Learn 'n' Grow Independently.

The Vision of iBird is to be a center of excellence and leader in the field of early child education comparable to the best in the world. iBird provides stimulating environment which encourages the child  to be intelligent, innovative, intellectual and independent.


“Start working for your dream before someone put you to work for his dream” Anonymous